Home Matters offers the most comprehensive mortgage and property transaction consultation services in the Middle East.

  • full service mortgages

    The most comprehensive mortgage and property transaction consultation available in the Middle East. Qualified Mortgage Consultants will work together with our dedicated Property Transaction department, headed up by our in-house lawyer, to help you manage the whole mortgage and home buying process from initial product advice, all the way up to legal transfer of the property.

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  • direct mortgages

    Mortgagedirect.ae provides the platform to identify and apply for mortgages online for FREE. It is the most user-friendly, compliant, and accurate sourcing software available in the UAE. Mortgagedirect.ae enables users to source the best mortgage product for their individual circumstances for free. Apply online efficiently without having to spend hours dealing with banks.

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  • property transaction

    Specialises in providing property transaction consultation to clients wishing to purchase real estate in the UAE. When buying or selling a property, receive expert consultation from our team of experts and in-house lawyer.

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expert mortgage advice and property transaction consultation

Home Matters provides a one-stop shop for all your mortgage and property transaction consultation requirements. With trusted experts who will look after your interests in mortgage and the property transaction process.

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  • why choose us?

    We are market leaders in providing independent mortgage and property transaction consultation in the Middle East. Our dedicated staff offer a superior and unrivaled service which is unmatched by other mortgage providers, including brokers and banks. Home Matters is in its 10th year of providing quality advice and services to its customers. We deliver the best and often EXCLUSIVE mortgage products, which save our clients time and money. Banks only offer their own mortgage products, where Home Matters can provide solutions from hundreds of options available in the market. We also provide peace of mind through our dedicated Property Transaction team, which is headed up by our in-house lawyer. To find out more:



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  • UAE mortgages
    Banks will have limited options for their clients, which may not be entirely suitable. Home Matters has access to exclusive mortgage offers and can “cherry pick” from across the whole market place. This ensures Home Matters has the best mortgage product, all of the time.
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    UK mortgages
    For expats living overseas, wanting to purchase in UK. We offer the most competitive rates and terms on mortgages up to 90% loan to value. These mortgage products can be used for purchases, remortgages and equity release. Options are available in capital repayment and interest only products.
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    refinance and equity release
    Releasing equity from your property can be a good option to fund home improvements, fund another purchase or simply make your capital work harder for you.
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    property transaction services
    Whether you buy or sell with a mortgage or in cash, Home Matters Group provides you with access to legal and real estate consultation.
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    independent wealth management
    Receive full financial planning advice from qualified independent wealth managers.
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    insurance & protection
    Protecting yourself and your family is high priority for most.
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    DIFC wills and estate planning
    UAE is an Islamic state and every expat should ensure they have every eventuality coverd.
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    preferential foreign exchange services
    Secure better foreign exchange rates than those offered from the banks.
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  • our special offers

    Home Matters has formal agreements in place with all leading banks and financial institutions in the UAE. In certain circumstances, due to our strong connections and history, Home Matters can secure EXCLUSIVE terms and discounts.

    Home Matters has several attractive financing opportunities and special promotions which offer better value for money than going direct to the banks. To find out more:
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