T have managed an excellent deal for us with HSBC that we would not be able to achieve without your help. Without her we would take the rate 3.99% meaning that we would be paying about AED 5’000/- more per year. T have also availed for us lower processing fee from the bank, that saved us another AED 8’500/-, so all together you saved about AED 122’800/-, for the fee of AED 5’000/-. I think that is amazing. And did the coordination with the bank and the agency, R came to the meeting with the bank… The first meeting we had he came to our home, and it was on Saturday… I really appreciate a lot what you did for us and rest assured that I will mention you to many people and highly recommend your services. R is a great guy, I enjoyed meetings with him. You made very good impression on me as well, although we haven’t met in person, but we did speak over the phone couple of times and we exchanged many emails.