Dear Sawan,

Thanks a lot for listening to what I had been through in the past few months. When I compare this to our initial experience of using your service back in 2012-2013, I see no similarity. The service I received through you was smooth, efficient and tailor-made. In one word, it was ‘Extraordinary’!

When we were negotiating to sell the property, we realized the buyers could use your invaluable service, so we recommended you, and I personally got in touch with you in the presence of the buyers. They asked their questions and I assured them that you were professional in your field. For reasons I am not aware of (most probably discount-shopping), they decided to use another mortgage consultant. Their experience, and consequently ours, has been dismal!

I cannot stress how happy we have been with your service all these years. I remember you had told me you would be our adviser until the maturity of the mortgage. At that stage, I did not realize what it would mean. Now that you offered to help through the various stages, even though you were not obliged to, I feel that everyone should have a mortgage adviser, but of course a competent one, not just any adviser.

Thanks again for all your your support in the past few years, and I hope my next contact with you will be to use your service for another property purchase.

Wish you all the best