Client Testimonials


Thank you E for all your hard work, & effort in bringing to completion what I can imagine was a very challenging timeframe in order to get us a new mortgage product after NatWest let us down. I am so happy that Jean-Luc forwarded my case on to you prior to his leaving. You were always ringing up to keep the completion on track, chasing up the developers, Skipton, & sometimes AM & getting everybody on the same page to make it all happen. All there is left is to once again say thank you very much for a job well done.


I just want to take a moment and thank you for all your hard work and commendable efforts you have put in to make this deal go through smoothly. You have quite a good convincing power and knowledge base required to do so which really made a stiff headed person like me to drift for your offer at such a critical stage.

At the end of the day,  you made your promise worth. Good Job!!  Cheers..  😀


Myself and my wife recently purchased a villa property in Dubai. Having just got married, we wanted to take a more long-term view of living and working in Dubai, as expats.

With little or on knowledge of the property market in Dubai and in need of financing, we began speaking with real estate agents and their appointed brokers. We were not particularly impressed with the agent brokers who we found were taking a blanket approach to options available and hoping one would hit the target. In others words taking a sales approach, rather than a consultancy approach. As you can imagine, this bamboozled and confused us.

Luckily, we got in contact with A from Home Matters. We were instantly taken in by his broad knowledge of the market and financing options. We arranged to meet A face to face and everything from there on just made sense. He narrowed down and simplified the banking quagmire and tailored the correct financial package to meet our needs with a very competitive fixed interest rate. Everything from securing the initial pre-approval with the bank to the final transfer at the DLD was a breeze – all the stress of running around was removed.

A’s greatest skill is being able to convey everything in the simplest terms, advising on why option A might be better than option B or C, and being there for you at each step of the process should you have any questions. He was always available and very quick to respond. We always felt confident with A at the helm and felt that he really acted in our best interests. Put simply, he takes away the burden of financing a property in Dubai.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Home Matters for those who are actively seeking a property purchase in Dubai quickly and comfortably.

Paul Costello
National Sales Manager – Fonterra Ingredients – UAE

KD (Driven Properties)

To Arvind, many thanks for being so professional. All my clients like the way you do business. I’m sure we’ll do many many more deals when I get back. 👍

KD (Driven Properties)06/07/2017

We would like to thank Jean-Luc, for your help and support on selling our property. We have been very pleased with the professional assistance that we have got from Jan as well as the rest of the team. Jan has shown great efficiency and genuine care for our case which has made a real difference for us.


To Arvind, thank you so much for all your support! It is so lucky to have a professional and responsible consultant like you, many problems were solved during application of pre-approval and final letter. We would like to recommend you to our friend in the future.


We are very satisfied with the service of your company, your team is professional and supportive. Thanks all effort and support from Arvind and Jan. We would like introduce you to my friend in case they need it.

C & S

We would really like to thank Kieron, Daniel and Elizabeth for making the process of buying a home in the UAE so much less stressful than it would have been had we attempted to do it on our own. I would recommend people get in touch with Home Matters from the moment they start looking to buy somewhere, rather than waiting until an offer has been accepted like we did! The intricacies of buying property in the UAE was totally new to us but we weren’t worried knowing we had you on our side.

C & S22/06/2017

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help. You all made the process a lot easier to understand and less terrifying! We’ll be sure to recommend Home Matters in the future. Really appreciate all the work Kieron, Daniel and Elizabeth have put in on our behalf, and particularly how contactable you all were, regardless of what daft questions we asked at silly times of the day!


Thank you very much for your note Elizabeth. It was our 3rd mortgage with Home Matters, and we’re very happy with the level of service and the product we switched to. I’d need to thank you personally, you were wonderful all throughout the process. I’ve been recommending HM to a handful of Lantana buyers, as well as some colleagues. Hope they are reaching out to you.