Client Testimonials


We are very satisfied with the service of your company, your team is professional and supportive. Thanks all effort and support from Arvind and Jan. We would like introduce you to my friend in case they need it.

C & S

We would really like to thank Kieron, Daniel and Elizabeth for making the process of buying a home in the UAE so much less stressful than it would have been had we attempted to do it on our own. I would recommend people get in touch with Home Matters from the moment they start looking to buy somewhere, rather than waiting until an offer has been accepted like we did! The intricacies of buying property in the UAE was totally new to us but we weren’t worried knowing we had you on our side.

C & S22/06/2017

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help. You all made the process a lot easier to understand and less terrifying! We’ll be sure to recommend Home Matters in the future. Really appreciate all the work Kieron, Daniel and Elizabeth have put in on our behalf, and particularly how contactable you all were, regardless of what daft questions we asked at silly times of the day!


Thank you very much for your note Elizabeth. It was our 3rd mortgage with Home Matters, and we’re very happy with the level of service and the product we switched to. I’d need to thank you personally, you were wonderful all throughout the process. I’ve been recommending HM to a handful of Lantana buyers, as well as some colleagues. Hope they are reaching out to you.


Thanks for your assistance Kieron & Jean-Luc, I can see the value in the service you guys provide and will certainly recommend you to any colleagues looking at future residential opportunities in UAE.


Thank you so much once again for all your help and patience. I couldn’t have done this without all your help.


Thank you so much, Jan & Kieron, for your ongoing support. While at the beginning I was uncertain of hiring your services, I have to say I am delighted with your support. The work from you both was very good and made the process extremely easy for me. Many thanks once again and I will make sure to refer you to any friends that are considering property purchase.

P & S

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your and Sawan’s help with the mortgage. I’ve already recommend you guys to a number of our friends. Thanks again.

P & S01/06/2017

Congratulations to all of us! I really enjoyed working with you (Jan & Arvind), your responsiveness and transparency! I already recommend your services to my friends and colleagues so hopefully you will get more business.


I would like to thank Sawan and Elizabeth, for your professional and very valuable service you have provided during this journey. I will ensure that Home Matters contact will be shared with my friends who are interested in buying new house. Thanks again and much appreciated.