Mortgage Services

Home Matters has segmented services designed to fit all clients, depending on the level of support required.

  • Full Service Mortgages

    full service mortgages

    Qualified Mortgage Consultants will work together with our dedicated Property Transaction department to help you manage the whole mortgage and home buying process from initial product advice, all the way up to legal transfer of the property.

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  • Assisted Mortgages

    assisted mortgages

    Assisted mortgages provide you with a professional mortgage manager who will consult or meet with you, provide expert advice and assist you with the completion of paperwork up to mortgage pre approval stage for a reduced fee.

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  • Direct Mortgages

    direct mortgages is a FREE online service, enabling users to find the best discounted UAE mortgage products quickly and efficiently without having to spend hours dealing with banks.

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  • Property Transaction Services

    property transaction consultation

    Specialises in providing property transaction consultation to clients wishing to purchase real estate in the UAE. When buying or selling a property, receive expert consultation from our team of experts.

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  • Independent Wealth Management

    independent wealth management

    Receive full financial planning advice from qualified independent wealth managers. To arrange a without obligation review with one of our affiliated partners.

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  • Insurance& Protection

    insurance & protection

    Protecting yourself and your family is high priority for most. To arrange a without obligation review with one of our affiliated partners.

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  • DIFC Wills & Estate Planning

    DIFC wills & estate planning

    UAE is an Islamic state and implements Sharia Law, therefore every non-Muslim expat should ensure they have every eventuality covered. Should you wish to explore or review your estate planning options.

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  • Foreign Exchange Services

    preferential foreign exchange services

    To secure better foreign exchange rates than those offered from the banks.

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