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    Dubai’s most expensive communities to rent or buy

    Emirates Hills is the most expensive villa community to buy or rent a property in Dubai, according to Propertyfinder Group, which has analysed the emirate’s priciest areas. According to the real estate portal, those looking to buy in the luxury villa community would shell out Dh2,604 per square foot to live there. Palm Jumeirah takes […]

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    VAT in Real Estate

    How VAT works in real estate Value Added Tax (VAT) is now a reality, and although residential real estate in general is either exempt or zero-rated, commercial property dealings will attract an extra 5 per cent on top, affecting residential in a more roundabout way. So what is taxable? •     Any commercial property in the […]

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    Sharjah Economic and Residential Property 2017 Review

    Sharjah, the third largest emirate with a total land area of around 2,600sqkm, borders Dubai to its south, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain to its north and Ras Al Khaimah to its east. Sharjah has become an alternative rental housing option to Dubai, due to the availability of lower-cost housing and regular migration between Sharjah […]

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    Off plan sales dominating residential market in Dubai going into 2018

    Off plan sales continue to dominate the residential property market in Dubai which experts believe is partly due to the recent mortgage cap introduced by the emirate’s Central Bank. Many commentators believe that the cap which means expats need a minimum deposit of 25% and pay 7% percent transaction costs has cooled the market. However, […]

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    2017: The rise in off-plan sales

    A year when off-plan trumped everything else The big question is will the same strategies work for developers in 2018 One of the key trends of Dubai’s residential real estate market in 2017 was the rise in off-plan sales, which comprised two-thirds of all homes purchased. Even though residential transaction volumes for existing properties were […]

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    Dubai realty still a winner

    Dubai remains an attractive market for property investors despite softening rents and sale prices this year as the emirate still offers stable returns on real estate investment, a latest report says. Property portal’s annual report for 2017 indicated a seven per cent and five per cent average return on investment on apartments and villas, […]

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    Why is zero so important in the VAT for residential freehold?

    In the residential freehold space, all transactions involving a developer and a buyer have been set at 0 per cent. The other big plus for residents is the fact that even rental agreements on homes come under the 0 per cent banner. The decision by the federal authorities is pitch perfect for the property market. […]

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    Housing Prices Down 5.6% in Dubai

    Dubai’s housing market has defied high hopes for a turnaround this year, dogged by oversupply in luxury and neighboring political crises, according to a report by brokerage and consultants Cluttons. Property prices slipped 5.6% in the year ending in September, with prices falling 1.9% in the third quarter, according to a report released by Cluttons […]

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    Dubai Residential Real Estate Market 2017: A Year in Review

    Dubai 2017: A Year in Review The Dubai residential real estate market has seen a drastic shift in 2017 towards demand for off-plan properties and lower priced units and an upsurge in all transactions. According to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) over 50,000 transactions were completed from January to September. Other key factors that have […]

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    Dubai’s top areas for house sales and rents

    It has been a year of change in the Dubai real estate market with new trends, an abundance of supply and a shift in the rental market. Off-plan sales has dominated this year, accounting for 62 per cent of all transactions thus far. The handover of some affordable, mid-income properties in areas such as Mira […]

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    Fundamentals of Dubai property are in top shape

    Dubai’s real estate market continues to lead the region in defining trends that then percolate to nearby markets. Let’s investigate these trends by looking at the macroeconomic picture – which delivers a more integrated and holistic view than what analyses predicated on market fluctuations. Within the global economy, Dubai maintains its rank as an investment, […]

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    2017: When off-plan sales dominated Dubai property

    With 2018 just a month away, it’s time to do a recap of the year gone by. Off-plan sales and generous payment plans by developers were the dominant themes in the Dubai property market. The popularity of off-plan sales, however, came at a price, with the secondary market taking a hit. Although the city witnessed […]