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A collection of articles about Dubai’s mortgage process, mortgage tips, product exclusives as well as Dubai and the whole UAE mortgage or real estate market news.

  • Lowest Ever 5 Years Fixed Rate

    Longer term fixed rates mitigates risks relating to rate hikes. Home Matters has exclusive access to the lowest 5 years fixed rate ever introduced in the UAE mortgage market.

  • HSBC Training

    Successful training session completed with HSBC. Thank you Kashif Gul Ahmed, Barbara Soper and Syed Danial.

  • Mortgage Approval in 60 Minutes

    Under pressure to get your mortgage approval quickly? Apply through Home Matters and receive your mortgage approval within 60 minutes.

  • Lowest Variable Rates

    Current lowest variable rates available for Residents and Non-Residents. International bank offering zero processing fee and a one year interest free credit card.

  • Islamic New Year

    Home Matters wishes you and your family a very happy and prosperous Islamic New Year.

  • Buyout/Remortgage/Refinance

    Some home owners are stuck on higher interest rates and historically could not move their mortgage to a lower rate option without injecting capital. As property prices have risen over the past months and with lower interest rates, it is an opportune time to consider a Buyout/Remortgage/Refinance.

  • Training on SME

    Thank you Commercial Bank of Dubai for training on SME.⁍ Real Estate term loans⁍ Asset backed term loans⁍ Term loans against assignment of rental proceeds⁍ Term loans against asset backed finance⁍Term loans against labour camps⁍ Term loans against point of sales credit proceeds assignments Call 800 MORTGAGE (66784243) for more information