Remortgage and save 3.49% on your deposits

Interest rates are going up! Remortgage for free with Home Matters and count the savings. The latest innovation in the UAE mortgage market enables customers to reduce the monthly interest rate paid by maintaining instant access cash on deposit.

For every Dirham you leave on your current account, you avoid paying interest on the same amount of your mortgage!

Example, you have a AED1m mortgage and maintain AED200k on your current account, you effectively reduce your mortgage interest by 20%. The first year rate of 3.49% would only be payable on AED800k, which reduces the effective rate on AED1m mortgage to 2.792%!

Your salary credit also saves you money on your mortgage each day it remains on deposit.

Home Matters is offering its customers a free remortgage service up to 28th February 2017.

Call Home Matters today on 800MORTGAGE to see how much you can save!

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