• HomeMatters Frequently Asked Questions

    When does it make sense to overpay on a mortgage?

    The National newspaper recently featured a reader’s personal finance problem and requested expert mortgage advice. Our Managing Director, Jean-Luc Desbois was asked to provide the reader with advice on whether to overpay their mortgage or not. Read on for his advice; Question: My mortgage allows overpayment of 25 per cent of the remaining balance without […]

  • HomeMatters short of Cash

    Are you tired of lining your landlord’s pocket?

    Renting becoming a chore and tired of lining the pocket of your landlord? Time to start thinking about putting down some roots and buying your own home! Long gone are the days where most expats stayed here for only 2-3 years maximum and employers paid handsome housing allowances. More and more expats are staying in […]

  • HomeMatters Cluttons & Hill

    Zurich Corporate Touch 6s Community Day

    Home Matters directors and families attended the Zurich Corporate Touch 6s Community Day last week. With 29 teams participating it was a fabulous competition. Core Savills took part in grueling six matches on Friday, before beating Alec in the men’s final 6-3 to become the first team in the history of the Zurich Corporate Touch […]

  • HomeMatters Reduce your Mortgage

    Remortgage and save 3.49% on your deposits

    Interest rates are going up! Remortgage for free with Home Matters and count the savings. The latest innovation in the UAE mortgage market enables customers to reduce the monthly interest rate paid by maintaining instant access cash on deposit. For every Dirham you leave on your current account, you avoid paying interest on the same […]