• Home Matters - Mortgages for Non-UAE Residents

    Mortgages for Non-UAE Residents

    Don’t have a visa in the UAE and wish to buy? Not a problem with excellent non-resident mortgage options up to 75%, it is possible for you to buy your dream holiday home or overseas investment! Introduction to Mortgages for non-UAE Residents Mortgage are available to non-residents as well as residents in the UAE. Many […]

  • Home Matters - Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions – Process of Buying Property in Dubai

    With today’s market, more & more buyers are entering the market buying a property in Dubai for the first time. The process will be different to what most will be used to and you may have limited knowledge of it which may seem daunting. That’s where Home Matters can help. Using an independent consultancy will […]

  • Home Matters - October 2017 Employee Awards

    October 2017 Employee Awards

    This week we awarded our Top Employees for October 2017! Congratulations to Teresa O’Sullivan for winning the Employee and Mortgage Consultant of the Month and to Farhan Yunus for winning the Support Team Member of the Month. Awesome job guys. Keep it up!

  • Home Matters - UK Property Market

    UK Property Market

    An interesting article in a recent publication in the National corroborates the increase that Home Matters has seen over recent months in UK property purchases from both UK and foreign investors. This upward trend is not limited to London. The other major UK cities are also seeing an increase demand from overseas investors such as […]