• Home Matters - Mortgage Terms UAE

    Demystifying Mortgage Jargon in the UAE

    If you’re new to the region or simply exploring mortgage options for the first time, some of the bank jargon used by bankers, mortgage advisors and real estate agents can be confusing. Here are a few classic banking words which we have translated for your better understanding; LTV – Loan to Value, this is the […]

  • Dubai - Rent vs Buy House

    Is it time to rent or buy property in the UAE?

    One of the biggest financial decisions that many expatriates in the UAE make is the choice between buying a home and renting one. Long gone are the days where most expats stayed here for only 2-3 years maximum and employers paid handsome housing allowances. More and more expats are staying in the UAE long-term, which […]

  • Home Matters - Islamic Mortgage vs Conventional Mortgage

    What is the main difference between an Islamic mortgage and a Conventional mortgage?

    Islamic banking was created and came to prominence in the 1970’s to cater for customers with Islamic beliefs. Products and services were created to ensure Muslims could bank and access facilities which comply with Sharia Law (Islamic Law). Islamic banking products have similarities to Conventional banking but are structured in such a way as to […]

  • Home Matters - Top Employees

    August 2017 Employee Awards

    Last week, we awarded our top employees for their outstanding performance for the month of August 2017. Congratulations to Arvind Jadva for winning the Employee of the Month and Mortgage Consultant of the Month. Farhan Yunus for winning the Support Team Member of the Month. Very well done and superb effort from both!