How a Mortgage Consultant can save you time and money

Expats are somewhat reluctant to hire the services of a mortgage consultant, thinking there’s some kind of catch. Also, the idea of a bank doing it for free is hard to pass up. However, a mortgage consultant is the one person you can rely on to give completely non-biased, impartial advice on which loan is the best, based on your unique circumstances.

What you’re looking at are significant savings in terms of fees – prominent consultants such as Home Matters have access to many exclusive offers from banks. So you’re saving on not only the rate but also on the loan as a whole.

The first thing you should look at when choosing a mortgage consultant is their CMB (Certified Mortgage Broker) license. If they do not have one, find one who does. The Dubai Real Estate Institute commissioned Jean-Luc Desbois, Managing Director of Home Matters Mortgage Consultants to create the Certified Mortgage Broker license program in 2014.

Finally, your advisor needs to be 100% experienced and knowledgeable on both mortgage and real estate markets as well as all-related processes.

Mortgage consultants see the big picture

Home Matters has access and agreements with all major UAE banks and will ensure you receive the best mortgage terms which are suited to your individual requirements. This saves you a tremendous amount of time because they do all the leg work.

Saving in the long run

Some people believe it is more expensive to use an independent mortgage, instead of going to their bank. Not necessarily; Home Matters can secure exclusive terms with banks, which ensure you receive better value and cost-effective financial solutions.

If you are thinking of getting a mortgage, contact Home Matters on 800 MORTGAGE (66784243) for a free consultation.


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