Home Matters will facilitate the setup of your DIFC Will

The launch of the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry (WPR) is a genuine “game-changer” for estate and succession planning for non-Muslim expatriates with real estate in Dubai. The WPR regulations provide the legal framework for expatriates to decide the way in which their Dubai assets are distributed upon death. This eliminates years of uncertainty and will no doubt increase consumer and investor confidence in buying real estate in Dubai.

The process of setting up a DIFC Will is efficient and professional. It provides peace of mind for non-Muslims who can invest in real estate assets in Dubai with surety of the ultimate outcome. It is also a more cost efficient way of protecting assets than expensive set up and running costs of offshore company structures.

Mr and Mrs Desbois registered “mirror” Wills at the DIFC and were extremely satisfied with the service. DIFC Wills enabled them to make important decisions and provision for their Dubai assets, whilst also appointing temporary and permanent guardianship for their children.


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