Home Matters Client Service Team

Home Matters has had a dedicated client services team for a number of years and has become increasingly integral to the Home Matters proposition.

In this short Q&A, Arvind Jadva – Head of Client Services talks about the role that Home Matters Client Services team play in assisting our client’s in the mortgage process.

Who are the Client Services team and what do they do?
We currently have a team of four client service officers and managers whose primary function is after sales care. Deciding on your preferred mortgage option with your mortgage consultant is very important but is only the start of the journey.  There are many steps that need to be completed after signing an application and it is Client Services job to make sure our clients are fully prepared and understand what is required to complete the transaction with the least amount of stress.

What is the main benefit to clients of the Clients Services team?
On every completed transaction, we ask for feedback. We always try and understand what our client’s value so we can focus our efforts on delivering the best service in those areas. In our experience, most clients value being kept well informed throughout the transaction. We always strive to make sure expectations are met and our clients are fully prepared for each step. The standards within the industry can vary greatly and we try to ensure we are delivering the highest levels of care.

My top 3 tips would be as below.

Understand the timelines and stages.
There are many parts to a mortgage transaction and it can often be difficult to understand the sequence of stages to completion. This can also vary bank to bank, developer to developer and also with the type of transaction. Being able to anticipate all the steps and timelines will help avoid delays and stress. For example, the requirement of when deposit funds are required varies from bank to bank, type of transaction and if there is a seller mortgage etc.

Allow for delays and don’t put yourself under too much pressure.
Many clients want to minimize the overlap in paying the rent and paying the mortgage. Although most transactions take between 6 – 8 weeks, it is important to allow a further 3-4 weeks overlap to accommodate the transition between your current living arrangements and moving into your new property. Not allowing for any overlap, may lead to unexpected additional expenses as well as unnecessary stress.

Use a well-known and reputable real estate agent.
The industry has made many strides in improving the quality of agents. However, it is still important you deal with a reputable real estate agency. One of the risks clients regularly face is signing agreements which don’t properly protect their interests. An example we often see is where the buyer’s expectation is to move into the property, however, the seller has not issued a legal vacating letter to the sitting tenant. This scenario can often lead to disputes with limited solutions.

Finally, what is your favorite part of the job?
Personally, my favourite part of the job is experiencing the excitement of our clients at the time of transfer. For most, buying a home is the biggest financial decision of their lives. Being involved and helping people on this journey is extremely satisfying.

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