About Us

Home Matters is neither a bank nor a mortgage broker! We are a Consultancy company with activities focusing on mortgages and property transaction consultation. We secure our clients the best mortgage products in the market and provide expert property transaction consultation from start to finish. A bank will only offer their own mortgage products, whereas Home Matters can provide the right mortgage solution from hundreds of options available in the market, with many exclusive offers. When buying or refinancing a property in the UAE or UK, we help you save money and reduce risk by securing the “best of breed” products and by providing expert property transaction services. Home Matters has a unique mortgage and home buying consultancy proposition, which is unrivaled in the UAE. So if you require the best financial and property transaction advice, look no further, you have the right partner in Home Matters.
  • why choose us?

    We are market leaders in providing independent mortgage and property transaction consultation in the Middle East. Our dedicated staff offer a superior and unrivaled service which is unmatched by other mortgage providers, including brokers and banks.

    Home Matters is in its 10th year of providing quality advice and services to its customers. We deliver the best and often EXCLUSIVE mortgage products, which save our clients time and money. Banks only offer their own mortgage products, where Home Matters can provide solutions from hundreds of options
    available in the market.

    We also provide peace of mind through our dedicated Property Transaction team.

  • our special offers

    Home Matters has formal agreements in place with all leading banks and financial institutions in the UAE. In certain circumstances, due to our strong connections and history, Home Matters can secure EXCLUSIVE terms and discounts.

    Home Matters has several attractive financing opportunities and special promotions which offer better value for money than going direct to the banks.

  • our history

    Home Matters was founded in 2006 and is licensed by the United Arab Emirates Government of Dubai, Department of Economic Development. Since then the company has earned an outstanding reputation in the marketplace with our clients, financial institutions and banks that offer mortgages in the UAE. Today, Home Matters and its professional staff, has established itself as the number one independent mortgage provider in the UAE. We also offer the most comprehensive property transaction consultancy service in the market.

  • History of Home Matters Mortgage Consultants Dubai

features & benefits

    • Independent, means we can offer you access to the best mortgage products from over 30 different banks.
    • In the unlikely event of failing to deliver your mortgage pre approval, we do not charge for our service.
    • We are able to secure exclusive discounts with many banks.
    • It is unusual for lawyers or solicitors to be involved with property purchases in the UAE. Home Matters provides its clients with consultation throughout the whole property transaction process through a dedicated team.
    • We provide in depth market analysis and a transparent approach to the full costs of buying property in the UAE.
    • We save you money, stress and a lot of time in handling the whole transaction, from start to finish.
    • We deal directly with senior staff at the banks, which means your mortgage gets processed faster than going through a mortgage broker.
    • Our team have the DREI Certified Mortgage Broker (CMB) qualifications and vast experience of both the financial and real estate industries. We can advise you on any aspects of buying a home in the UAE.
    • We take your mortgages seriously, which is why our success rate in gaining mortgage approvals is greater than 90%. Buying a home is one of the largest single transactions you are likely to make, we make sure you are in safe hands.

the management



    Born and raised in Kenya, Sawan went on to complete his Financial Services degree in the UK. He has a passion for business and entrepreneurialism, gaining enormous satisfaction from delivering excellent customer service. Sawan had a successful mortgage practice in the UK before partnering up with Jean-Luc and Home Matters.



    Daniel was born in Jersey, Channel Islands and has vast experience of working in multinational banking and insurance firms, such as Standard Chartered, HSBC and Zurich Life. Daniel and Jean-Luc have worked together, dating back to the year 2000.